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Welcome to Real Property Investments consulting services.

Congratulations on taking this important step on your investment journey.

The majority of clients that come to us are people who want to create wealth in Real Estate and Alternative Investments, but do not have 1 (or all) of the following…..




Is this YOU?

Are you lacking 1 of these essential components?

It’s OK if you are , because unless you are a Real Estate Investment Specialist (like us!) , it is incredibly difficult to have the time and knowledge it takes to invest in Real Estate the RIGHT way.

And money? Well that’s another story…..Most of our clients are “Richer than they think”! We can help you identify and utilize sources of money in ways you have never considered.

Real Estate Coaching and Education can be VERY expensive! When we started out, we invested over $100k in our Real Estate Education and STILL made numerous costly mistakes!

We have designed  a Membership program that provides our clients with essential Real Estate Education to help them obtain the KNOWLEDGE  they need to move forward, access to us and our full service teams to take away the required TIME to find investment opportunities and ways to help you find the MONEY to start investing.

All for as little as $25 per month…..

Yes, you read that right ……..for as little as $25 per month!  AND no commitment to stay if you are not satisfied!

Why so cheap, you may ask? Because we want YOU to spend your money on investing, NOT on expensive courses!

So we created a Membership offering 3 different consulting options! 

RP On-Line Membership – $25 per month

RP Coaching Membership – $50 per month

RP Coaching + Events Membership – $75 per month



EDUCATION, EVENTS & EXPERTS: * Varies according to level

  • Monthly group coaching calls On-Line – ALL
  • Access to our library of Real Estate training videos – ALL
  • 1-1 Real Estate Coaching Calls – 1 Per Month – COACHING/COACHING + EVENTS
  • Access to our Real Estate Team ( Lawyers, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Home Inspector, Property Managers, Insurance Reps and Contractors) COACHING/COACHING + EVENTS
  • Priority Access to additional training, dinners , seminars and Investor Field Training COACHING/COACHING + EVENTS
  • Complimentary entry to our monthly networking events featuring industry experts  COACHING + EVENTS



  • Cash-flow analyzer
  • Comparable Properties Worksheet
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist
  • Legal Agreements for Leases
  • Legal Agreements for Joint Ventures
  • Your personalised 5 year wealth building plan (template)


DEALS: * Varies according to level

  • Exclusive access to off market investment opportunities  – COACHING/COACHING + EVENTS
  • FREE subscription to our exclusive Investors lists – ALL
  • Personalised deals sent directly to your inbox – COACHING/COACHING + EVENTS


Join today and get all of these perks for monthly payments of $25, $50 or $75 per month  (plus hst)

Choose your Membership option TODAY! Click below on Membership





FREE e-copy of our book “Real Estate Mistakes. Our Mistakes. Your Success” – sold on Amazon for $19.99

Real Property Investment Consulting Services offers this type of support to investors like yourself .

We are here to help guide you on your investment journey and help ensure you create an investment portfolio that meets all of your investment goals, maximizing your returns and minimizing your mistakes.